Quality & Safety

To ensure our customers worldwide with a service of exceptional quality and safety.


Our safety commitment is towards Zero Accidents or Incidents. To acheive this, we continuously evaluate our behavior and processes to reduce risk. We motivate this though a variety of programs which addresses safe work, safe behavior, process safety.

This safety culture applies to the entire workforce of Windcare during or off work. To implement this culture,we have a Safety Committee in all our work sites which is lead by the safety manager. These committees identify local risk, then develop and implement safe standards.

Our Safety assessment takes into account not only the specific circumstance of each work, but also the risks associated with certain methods. We train our staff based on this risk assessment.

Our organization ensures that its outsourced service providers also follow safety procedures in their work process. For this reason, we also train our vendors and subcontractors on safety practices to execute their work safely.