Quality & Safety

To ensure our customers worldwide with a service of exceptional quality and safety.


Windcare India Pvt. Limited is a customer-oriented company and the management and employees are committed towards customer satisfaction. Equally, the company is committed to conforming regulatory and other applicable requirements.

The entire operations are streamlined through systems which direct the employees towards achieving the goal, Quality Products, On-time Delivery and customer satisfaction.

The company adopts strategic approaches such as On-time delivery, Quality products and Services, Proper Response to customer queries, Employee skill enhancement and continual improvement of the systems to achieve customer satisfaction consistently.

The company is committed to implement, maintain and improve a Quality Management System to manage the operations.


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • on time Delivery
  • Reduce Customer complaints and rework
  • Improve skills through training

Occupational Health & Safety

The Management of Windcare India P ltd., assumes greater responsibility towards Health and Safety of employees whom the company considers the assets of the organization.

Having understood the need for a safe work culture, the management, is committed for

  • Ensuring safe work practices are followed in each business interaction
  • Developing and implementing a system in line with the legal and Safety policy requirements of the organization
  • The continual improvement of the System performance
  • Complying with applicable Compliance Obligations, standards and codes
  • Enhancing awareness to all employees on safety perspectives


  • 100% compliance with Safety regulations
  • Achieve ‘0’ accidents and incidents
  • Conduct at least 1 training on Safety related topic per quarter
  • Perform at least 1 fire safety risk assessment in a year
  • Conduct at least 1 Safety audit in a year
  • Conduct at least 1 MRM of Safety in 6 months