Backed by years of experience in wind farm installations, We now have the expertise in setting up mega watt class wind parks in any wind potential terrain across the globe.

Foundation - Tower & Nacelle - Blade assembling & Erection - Electrical Insataltion

Project Foundation

We have Equipment for foundation like;

  • Ready Mix concrete plants
  • Excavators
  • Bar Bending machinery
  • Bar cutting machinery
  • Earth levelling equipment
  • Vibration units
  • Experienced masonry workers.

Tower & Nacelle

We possess all equipment for assembling and erection works like;

  • Complete Tools & Tackles
  • Calibrated torque wrenches
  • Hydraulic Torque units
  • Lifting equipment
  • Crane supply
  • Alignment equipment etc…

Blade Assembling & Erection

Assembling and fixing of Rotor unit for all type of Wind Turbine Generators like stall and pitch turbines.

Electrical Installation

  • Transformer yard construction, consumer side & EB side.
  • External and internal line works.
  • VCB and breaker installation.
  • Control and power panels installation.
  • Pre Commissioning.